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Our team is responsible for generating nearly $8.5M+ between a ton of unique business over the last 8 years. You’re here because you want to be our next success story.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

We are the absolute WORST when it comes to beating around the bush. Getting to know the intricacies of your business off of the bat allows us to set realisitc and reasonable expectations.

Transparency is the most important thing to us as a business, and with our clientele. Let’s get the ball rolling and see just how we can aid in taking your business to the heights you’ve been dreaming of.

Remember, a dream can quickly become a plan with a little bit of elbow grease, but we can take care of that part.

What We Can Help You With

Performance Advertising

Over the last eight years, our founder has created, polished, and perfected an ideal way to funnel in hot customers while also building a soon-to-be converting audience. Turn your funnel into a fire hydrant by using our Digital Ads Matrix. It’s geared directly towards the full-price buyers you’ve been yearning for.

Sales Team Training

Learning how to leverage your sales team’s time, effort, and energy online can convert into 3X more sales without being gimmicky or pushy. This isn’t for everyone, but if you own any business that sells high ticket items through a sales team, then this is for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that most Google users never scroll past the initial results that pop up when making a search with intention? Luckily for you, we have dedicated resources to get you within the first 3 search results in your local area, guaranteed!

Brand Design & Strategy

Not only do we help businesses just like yours with branding and market positioning, we also help conduct in-depth market analyses to ensure you and your business are in the ideal position amongst your competitors so that you can capture more market share with less effort.

Sales Copywriting

Ever notice that some messages with the same intent either come in swinging or leave a lot of room to be desired? Our sales copywriting services help get your exact message to your buyers without having to twist their arm to buy.

Social Media Management

Don’t have an expert in house? We understand that completely. Your receptionist probably didn’t go to school to be a marketer afterall, so let our dedicated team of social media managers be the expert you rely on directly.

Website Development

Want a site that looks as good as this one? Luckily for you, we can make that happen. Let us know exactly what you’re looking to get out of your very own website and we can make it happen.

Email Marketing

Theres no time like the present when it comes to turning that email list into a gold mine. When paired with our sales copywriting service, you can expect to hear the cash register ring until the cows come home

We Make it Easy to Sell Your Products and Services to NEW Customers

Here’s what you have to understand right from the start. The reason that we add so much value is based in two things. First, we take the time to understand your buyers beyond “are you gonna buy, or are you not.” Secondly, based on our findings, we give the fresh eyes to your business the exact things that they want clarity on before they even have to ask.

Let’s Face It…

You wouldn’t be here right now if you knew your online traction and sales was okay, fine, or even average. You want to take it to the next level, right?

Is My Market Saturated?

The short answer is yes, it probably is. HOWEVER, it’s not as saturated as it will be tomorrow, in a month, in a year, or in a decade. The best time to hop in is now!

Of course you’re probably asking why. Well, it’s an easy question to answer. As more players join the market, online advertising will continue to increase in overall cost because market share will start to come at a higher and higher premium, kind of like waterfront real estate.

Don’t forget, the internet is still in its infancy. The growing pains of facing more competition, higher cost per conversion, and ultimately less and less available marketshare is bound to be a reality sooner than later, so take your slice while you can, right?

Here’s What Might Happen If You DON’T Press That Button…

Welp, you know just as well as we do that your business can always do better. So can ours. We aren’t exempt from reality either, we just prefer to not be hypocrites so total honesty and transparency is what you can expect with us. (unlike many other agencies, as you probably, and unfortunately, have felt the burn from that flame before).

To the meat and potatoes, shall we?

You might not own Coca-cola, Macy’s, or even your local Mc’D’s franchise. Let me ask you though, what do these businesses have in common?

These businesses  are nationally, or even internationally recognizable. That’s not a big ordeal by any means though, as it’s not reality for many. We are realists, because we know that’s the only way to understand the toll and benefit of hard work.

Many business owners just like yourself are “happy” to be skating by, a couple extra Benji’s in your pocket every month, affording the nicer car than your neighbor, that lake house you always dreamed of that you’d be petrified to lose if business doesn’t keep trending upward. That’s the problem with getting “comfortable,” indulging in the status quo, and not putting those extra dollars back into your business to get it to an even more rewarding place. 

Let us break that comfort for a moment to show you something you might’ve never done before.

Here’s a little excercise that we always do to help understand what we miss out on even in our daily lives at Ascension. Take a minute to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think of every opportunity you’ve missed out on that could’ve gotten you one or a hundred steps closer to your goals.

Second chances don’t come often.

Let me tell you, that button has changed many lives. Here’s another opportunity to change yours.

Success Stories

“Steve has been a go-to resource for my team and I since 2019. Always takes great care of us. His content and ads are bar none a great draw for new individuals interested in getting into the life insurance space.”
Tristan Dlabik

Partner, Arais Agencies | AIL NILCO Division

“Ever since we’ve partnered with Ascension Digital, we’ve seen client satisfaction double, if not more.

We couldn’t have partnered with a better team in the digital marketing space if we even tried.”

Ana Maria Rodriguez

Director of Business Development, JMM Services

“They clearly know what they’re doing

Ascension Digital has helped grow my little jewelry business in just a few months. I can’t wait to start at it again once we grow a little bit more!”

Anna Sanchez

Owner, Boss Babe Jewelry

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!